About Us
CPS Instruments was formed in 1994 when Steve Fitzpatrick and Ron Ellis recognized a continuing need for very high resolution particle size characterization. Working as a consultant in the PVC industry, Steve knew that product improvement could only be realized by precisely characterizing and controlling particle size distribution. He called upon long-time colleague Ron, with whom he had developed a prototype disc centrifuge in the 1970's, to help develop a state-of-the-art disc centrifuge for a consulting client. Word of mouth increased the demand for the instrument, and CPS Instruments was born. Today CPS Disc Centrifuges are used all over the world when high resolution particle size distribution characterization is needed.

CPS Instruments

Technical library
Disc centrifuge operator's manual
Introduction to the disc centrifuge
Low density particles
Speed ramping
Ultra high resolution
A comparison of particle sizing methods