CPS Instruments

Disc Centrifuge
CPS Disc Centrifuge, Models DC12000, DC18000, and DC24000UHR - the world's fastest, highest resolution, and most sensitive centrifugal sedimentation particle size analyzers. Measure virtually any type of particle, between 0.01 and 50 microns, at 2 to 10 times better resolution than any other particle sizing instrument, regardless of measurement technique. The minimum reportable peak width can be less than 2% of peak diameter.
The CPS Autogradient allows for reproducible, automated building of the density gradient required to run the analyzer.
The autosampler allows the user to load up to 20 samples or standards, which can be run unattended for several hours.
Calibration Standards
Particle size Calibration Standards - 0.15 micron to 165 microns peak size; distribution widths of +/-9% of peak diameter to +/-2% of peak diameter.